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The New Flight gross weight increase STC is the fastest and most economical way to realized more value from you Cessna Citation I, I/SP & II.

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Increase Useful Load

Get more performance from your current business jet aircraft. New Flight will increase your legal payload capabilites from between 650 pounds to 1200 pounds with no structural change to your Citation I or Citation II. It's now easier to stay within legal weight limits and realize increased revenue from your aircraft.

New Flight Corporation, producers of the FAA approved STC (supplemental type certificate) allows you to load and lift heavier by increasing the allowable ramp and take-off weight of your aircraft.

This modification offers business jet owners and pilots a cost efficient way to improve the utility of their current aircraft, transforming them into truly great airplanes.

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How did New Flight accomplish this?

Aircraft designs are always compromises. To achieve certain objectives, many different factors must be considered. To increase the gross weight of an aircraft, one could add structure (which adds weight), reduce zero fuel weight (zero fuel weight is the primary factor that determines how much structural strength is required), or limit airspeed. Cessna chose to add structure when they incorporated an 800 pound increase at 550-0627 on new aircraft. New Flight decided a structural beef-up on an existing airframe would be prohibitively expensive. We therefore chose two other possible solutions: (1) reduce the maximum speed of the aircraft, or (2) reduce the zero fuel weight. For more info, click here.