Thanks to our fluency with brakes and wheels as part of this STC, we also offer brake and wheel overhauls - a great way to save money. For more information click here for brakes. Click here for wheels.


Modification Components

Higher Confidence = Increased Safety

Sometimes it’s called the “Pucker Factor.” On approach, pilots know they are within the safe (and legal) limits for weight and braking distance. When landing at smaller airfields, it is reassuring to have more stopping power than the “book” requires. If you fly an aircraft that is equipped with one of our gross weight increase STCs, that is what you’ll get. Goodbye pucker factor.

New Flight STCs specify a hardware change which includes components made exclusively by the Cleveland Wheel & Brake division of Parker Hannifin Corporation. By using one-piece torque tube/backplates, New Flight/Cleveland brakes last longer and stop quicker. And our forged aluminum wheels are the strongest, lightest and most durable on the market. These advanced construction materials reduce chattering, deflection, fading and spiking.

Yes it’s true. Some of our customers tell us that their brakes have surpassed the service life of factory-installed hardware by a multiple of four times. While we can’t guarantee these results, the New Flight system represents a significant improvement over original equipment.

IIn addition to an increase in brake life of 400% or more, users observe other notable improvements. Pilot reports have indicated a marked decrease in stopping distance.

This improved performance has been achieved without increasing the risk of excessive heat build-up. New Flight’s thicker brake discs tolerate highertemperatures and offer an extra margin of heat sink.

When it’s time to put your Citation on the market, a New Flight STC will make it move faster and at a better price. Increased efficiency, performance and utility have made the difference in several sales of an aircraft with this STC installed. Even more important to subsequent buyers, they don’t have to wait to take advantage of theNew Flight benefits.